Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System

A new SCOSTEP Program for 2004-2008

Theme Four: Space Climatology

Co-Chairs: Claus Frölich and Jan Sojka

As the range and amount of solar-terrestrial dara growm detailed analyses of the climatology of the Sun-Earth system become feasible. Climatology includes a description and understanding of the average properties and regular variations of the system; description and analysis of probabilities of extreme events; and evaluation of long-term trends. CAWSES will facilitate compilation of climatologies on the Sun, interplanetary medium, magnetospheres, ionosphere, and upper and muddle atmosphere; it will assess long-term trends in these system components; and it will seek to understand the underlying processes that influence the climate It will assemble and evaluate relevant data sets and help make them available to solar-terrestrial scientists worldwide. It will assess the characteristics of each data type (accuracy, precision, etc) and bring them onto a common space-time domain so that individual variations may be interpreted in terms of different causes.


July 17, 2004 -- Jan Sojka reports on Theme 4 progress.

July 17, 2004 -- Martin Jarvis reports on Working Group 4: Ionosphere and Upper Atmosphere Variability.

September 2004 -- Working draft of Theme 4.4 by Martin Jarvis.

July 23, 2005 -- Jan Sojka reports on Theme 4 progress.

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