Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System

A new SCOSTEP Program for 2004-2008

National Programs - Taiwan

Asia Oceania Pacific Rim (CAWSES-AOPR) Coordination Office

The CAWSES (Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System)-AOPR (Asia Oceania Pacific Rim) Coordination Office has been set up in July 2004 on the campus of National Central University in Taiwan to coordinate the AOPR regional space programs to interact with the world-wide programs promoted by CAWSES. The director of the CAWSES-AOPR Office is Dr. Lou C. Lee. He is currently the Director of National Applied Research Laboratories and also serves as the Chairman of the National Committee for SCOSTEP of the Republic of China. The AOPR Office will be staffed with a Scientific Secretary (S.-Y. Su), an Administrative Secretary (S.Y. Hsueh), and a part-time Scientific Programmer (J.M. Wu). An advisory board for the operation of AOPR activities is also being organized. Partial list of the expected board members are S. Fukao (Japan), D. Sentman (USA), R. Vincent (Australia), J. S. Liu (China), P. B. Rao (India), and J. K. Chao (Taiwan).

The CAWSES-AOPR Office will be active in coordinating CAWSES activities with programs carried out regionally in the AOPR region. In this way, some national regional programs can be connected to the world-wide CAWSES programs. This will promote the collaborative research efforts among scientists in the AOPR region and world-wide. One of the planned tasks for AOPR office is to organize the CAWSES related mini-workshops for training young scientists in the AOPR region, especially in the Southeast Asian regions of developing countries. Specific tasks for 2005 are to help the scheduled ISEA-11 meeting (May 9-14, 2005 in Taipei) to be a successful scientific gathering and to coordinate the AOPR regional space programs such as the ROCSAT-2/ISUAL and Double-Star to interact with ISEA-11 Symposium.

This Office will also support activities of the planned AOPR Center for Simulation and Modeling of the Sun-Earth System. The Center will fuse together the simulation and modeling activities in different institutions in Taiwan into a coherent effort to interact with other centers in the AOPR region. It will serve as a training center for young scientists with mini-workshops. The first such mini-workshop is planned for the latter part of 2005.

CAWSES Office, Center for Space Physics, Boston University, 725 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215 USA; Phone: 617/353-5990; FAX: 617/353-6463;