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JAPAN approves funds for Space Weather Research under CAWSES Theme 2

Report by: Prof. K. Shibata, Co-Chair of CAWSES Theme 2

It is our pleasure to report that the application to the fund Grant-in-Aid for Creative Scientific Research (Kakenhi Gakujutsu Sousei Kenkyuhi) in Japan has been approved for space weather research under CAWSES program. The title, head investigator, abstract
of research project, approximate budget, and term are as follows:

The title of the project: The Basic Study of Space Weather Prediction
Head Investigator: Kazunari SHIBATA, Kwasan and Hida Observatories, Kyoto University, Professor
Number of Researchers: 11
Term of Project: 2005-2009
Budget: 446,400,000 yen in total for 5 years

Abstract of Research Project:
The purpose of this project is to develop a physical model of space weather phenomena as a basis of space weather prediction, by resolving fundamental physics of key phenomena from flares and coronal mass ejections on the Sun to magnetospheric storms on the Earth, by using both observations and numerical modeling. For this purpose, the following subjects will be studied with close cooperation between each subject:

  1. study of energy release mechanism on the Sun,
  2. construction of solar wind model using interplanetary scintillation observations,
  3. real time observations and space weather modeling, and
  4. virtual observatory.

On the basis of these studies, we will develop the multi-scale coupling model of space weather phenomena, and will try to reproduce the observations in the Sun-Earth system.  Now is the best time to push these studies because Solar B and Stereo missions will be launched in 2006, and also because these studies can be done under CAWSES program to enable active international collaboration. Special role of this project is to enhance the close communication and collaboration between solar and geo physicists both domestically and internationally, which is essential for the success of space weather research.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the important fact that Prof Kamide (STE Lab of Nagoya University)'s proposal to JSPS for raising fund for CAWSES was first approved and then our application to get fund became possible. We are in debt to Prof Kamide for his efforts to initiate and encourage CAWSES activity in Japan.

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