Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System

A new SCOSTEP Program for 2004-2008

Theme One: Solar Influence on Climate

Co-Chairs: Michael Lockwood and Lesley Gray

The aim of this project is to investigate the effects of solar variability on the climate of the lower and middle atmosphere. Variations in the solar spectral irradiance, as well as solar energetic particles and galactic cosmic rays, will be considered along with their impacts on the thermodynamic, dynamical, chemical, and microphysical structure of the atmosphere. Emphasis will be placed on the physical processes involved, and the study of paleoclimates will provide a historical context within the broader domain of extreme environments pertinent to the Sun-Earth system. The project will include an ongoing assessment of the state of the science in this area as it evolves.


July 17, 2004 -- Mike Lockwood's presentation on the science on the science plan for Theme 1 in Paris, France.

July 23, 2005 -- Lesley Gray speaks on the progress of Theme 1 in Toulouse, France.

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