Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System

A new SCOSTEP Program for 2004-2008


CAWSES News is published twice a year. Topics that are considered for publication should be related to one of the four CAWSES Science Themes, or to the developments in Capacity Building and Education. Reports on scientific workshops that deal with topics of coupling between the Solar phenomena with the those of terrestrial processes and/or among different regions of the Earth's atmospheres will also be considered with emphasis on those with international participation.

Please submit your contributions to the editor D. Pallamraju () by February 1 and August 1 for consideration to be published in March and September CAWSES News.

CAWSES News in 2008:

Volume 5, Number 1

CAWSES News in 2007:

Volume 4, Number 2
Volume 4, Number 1
Detailed article on Calibrating the Sunspot Number Using the Magnetic Needle, by Leif Svalgaard

CAWSES News in 2006:

Volume 3, Number 2
Volume 3, Number 1

CAWSES News in 2005:

Volume 2, Number 2
Volume 2, Number 1

CAWSES News in 2004:

Volume 1, Number 2
Volume 1, Number 1

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