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Guidelines for CAWSES-II Support Requests

CAWSES-II is now officially launched and in order to streamline requests for support we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Submit your request for funding to the appropriate Task Group co-leaders (see for endorsement. Task Group co-leaders will forward their recommendations to the co-chairs of CAWSES –II for a final decision.
  • Your request should include the following information:
    • description of the planned activity
    • when and where it will occur and point of contact information
    • how the activity furthers the goals of CAWSES-II and the deliverables of the Task Groups
    • anticipated attendance and demographics of the participants
    • how it engages e-science and informatics goals and furthers capacity building
    • funding amount and how the funding will be used

Your request should be no more than 2 pages.

  • Awards are typically between $3K-$10K with an emphasis on leveraging funds elsewhere and a preference on supporting task group science, e-science/informatics, and capacity building in developing countries. CAWSES-II is a program that enables science as part of the SCOSTEP mission. Therefore we encourage proposals for funding of projects and not just opportunities to have meetings.
  • Conditions associated with a successful grant application are:
    • a final report on the activity to be submitted to the appropriate Task Group co-leaders as well as the co-leaders of CAWSES-II within 30 days of completion of the activity. The final report will eventually appear on the CAWSES-II website or wiki.
    • providing links to materials that can be added to the CAWSES-II website or wiki (e.g. school lecture notes, presentations, virtual observatories, press releases, publications, etc.). These will then be available to all in the CAWSES-II community
    • attribution to SCOSTEP/CAWSES-II support for workshops, publications, presentations, etc.

Susan Avery – Alan Rodger 27 August 2009 Updated: 15 July 2010/03 July 2011

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