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Professor, Director, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH), Kyoto University

SCOSTEP related activities

 1995-1999 Science secretary, IAMAS/ICMA (International Commission on the Middle 
          atmosphere), with the president, Dave Fritts
 1999-2007 Bureau of SCOSTEP representing IAMAS
 1982-1985, MAP; construction of the MU radar in Shigaraki, Japan, 1984
 1990-1997, STEP; Middle atmosphere dynamics
 1998-2002, Psot-STEP, PSMOS (Planetary Scale Mesopause Obsering System); 
      Steering committee member
 Convener, DYSMER symposium in Kyoto, March 1998 
 Editor, Special issue, Earth, Planets and Space (EPS), vol 51, 1999
 1998-2002, Post-STEP, EPIC; Construction of the EAR (Eqatorial Atmosphere Radar, 
   west Sumatra, Indonesia), 2001
 Convener, CPEA symposium in Kyoto, March 2007 
 2004-2008, CAWSES; 
 Convener, CAWSES symposium, Kyoto, October, 2007 
 Editor, CAWSES Monograph #2
 2009-2013, CAWSES-II; Co-Chair (October 2011-)
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