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See also [[Comics]]
From the Minutes of the SCOSTEP bureau in Berlin  July 17, 2010, answers to some questions:
From the Minutes of the SCOSTEP bureau in Berlin  July 17, 2010, answers to some questions:

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See also Comics


From the Minutes of the SCOSTEP bureau in Berlin July 17, 2010, answers to some questions:

1. About Comics books:

As part of the Capacity Building effort, the SCOSTEP educational comic books have reached young people in many countries. B.Schmieder suggested that SCOSTEP should continue to encourage more countries to translate the comics to their native languages. Schmieder mentioned that the Comics books (10 different books in 2010) are in the SCOSTEP webpage. Five books are already translated in French.

Japanese SCOSTEP/CAWSES activities

Kazuo Shiokawa informed the Bureau that a new comic book on “Space Weather” is currently under development at Nagoya University in Japan, which will become the 10th book of a series of educational comics sponsored by SCOSTEP/CAWSES. Japan also formed a new SCOSTEP subcommittee chaired by Prof. T. Ogino. In addition, Japan has established its own Task Groups corresponding to each of the CAWSES-II themes, including Capacity Building and eSciences.

2. Role of Capacity building of SCOSTEP for students


It was suggested that the effort on Capacity Building should go beyond sponsoring summer schools and supporting for young students.

Reply: Capacity building of SCOSTEP sponsors only summer schools of developing countries by giving funding directly to the organizers or help young students of developing countries to attend these schools. Young students willing to attend worshops or colloquia should ask grants directly to the different CAWSES task groups chairmans.

SUMER school in Perou

The summer school (actually autumn one, 1st Latin American FMT workshop) was successfully held during Nov. 22-26 2010 at Ica University, and was attended by more than 100 participants (mostly students and people at Ica University). Thank you very much for your support from SCOSTEP/CAWSESII. The details are found at (transmitted by Kazunari Shibata)

SUMER school in Ethiopia

The International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI), a continuation of the recently ended successful program called International Heliophysical Years (IHY), had its first ISWI summer school in BahirDar, Ethiopia on 28 October to 4 November 2010. The school was supported by SCOSTEP/CAWSES for travel and local expenses of young scientists and graduate students from Africa (transmitted by Endawoke Yizengaw)

3. About Instrumentation

Vincent responded by pointing out that SCOSTEP has a relative small budget such that it is not fully able to support instrumentation but may leverage it. Gopalswamy suggested that SCOSTEP/CAWSES might consider partly sponsoring some instruments in the range from $5,000 to $20,000. No decisions have been taken.

State of Art in May 2010 in Africa (transmitted by Endawoke Yizengaw [1])

You may be informed that IHY program has successfully deployed significant number of ground-based instruments in Africa to understand the physics behind the unique ionospheric irregularities in the equatorial African region that has been attracting a lot of attention. One of many objectives of the IHY program is to lay down new space weather research infrastructure within the developing nations, like Africa.

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