Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System

A new SCOSTEP Program for 2004-2008

Theme 1: Solar Influence on Climate

  1. Impact of Long-term Solar Variability on the Middle Atmosphere Chemical Climate using Satellite Data and Model Simulation.

WG-1 Co-Chairs:

Prof. B.N. Goswami, IISc, Bangalore ()

Prof. R. Ramesh, PRL, Ahmedabad ()

Theme 2: Space Weather: Science and Applications

  1. Space weather aspects of active region vector magnetic fields
  2. Pre-Eruptive phase of Solar Filaments
  3. Low latitude geomagnetic and ionospheric response to space weather phenomena
  4. Boundary layer waves and ring current dynamics
  5. A study of the Interrelationship of Equatorial Scintillations, Ambient Ionization and Electrojet

WG-2 Co-Chairs:

Prof. J.H. Sastri, IIA, Bangalore ()

Prof. P. Venkatakrishnan, USO, Udaipur ()

Theme 3: Atmospheric Coupling Processes

  1. Longitudinal Variabilities of tides in the equatorial Mesopause region
  2. Stratwarm effects on the low latitude mesopause region
  3. Dynamics of the tropical tropopause

WG-3: Co-Chairs:

Prof. D Narayana Rao, NMRF, Gadanki ()

Dr. S. Gurubaran, EGRI/IIG, Triunelveli ()

Theme 4: Space Climatology

  1. Climatology and modelling of the F region over Indian equatorial and Low latitudes based on data from ionosonde network
  2. Studies on low latitude space Climatology with ground based Ionosphere - Thermosphere measurements
  3. Study of Sun-Earth interactions using VHF scintillation
  4. An Integrated approach for the investigation of the Equatorial Ionosphere thermosphere system using different ground based experimental techniques at the magnetic equatorial location of Trivandrum

WG-4: Co-Chairs:

Dr. R.S. Dabas, NPL, New Delhi ()

Dr. Harish Chandra, PRL, Ahmedabad ()

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